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Company description


Job description

Looking for Part-Time or Full-Time Autonomous or Supervised Practice-Level Psychologist; Remote and In-Person Clinical Work (in-person when appropriate and indicated)

Intro and COVID Considerations: We are a small group practice ( providing psychological services in Toronto (and other regions through a telehealth platform that has been used by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health [CAMH]). We are located in the Annex-Yorkville area, an equi-distant, two-minute walk from both the Spadina and St. George subway stations (each connects with lines 1 and 2). Our practice occupies the entire third floor of a beautiful, large Victorian house on a quiescent, tree-lined street (133 Lowther Avenue). The building has three floors total. Other than us, there were usually never more than five other people in the entire building at any given time during the pre-COVID period (obviously there are even fewer people present now). There is a social worker and a lawyer on the main floor; an accounting group on the second floor; and our psychology practice on the top floor. There are no elevators in the building, but it is easy to climb the wide, hand-railed staircase. We also have access to extra space on the main floor for clients with physical limitations, who would find it difficult or impossible to use the staircase. We have our own private bathroom that only therapists and clients are allowed to use. There are windows in every room- the waiting room, bathroom, and all therapy rooms. Some therapy rooms have multiple windows. Unlike most of the windows in large downtown office buildings, ours are not sealed and can open easily to ventilate the treatment rooms. According to scientific studies to date (as of Aug 6, 2020), someone is far less likely to contract COVID-19 if fresh air can regularly circulate throughout the indoor space. Our therapy rooms are large, and social distancing is easily and comfortably achieved. We follow a strict cleaning regimen, and all CPO guidelines and protocols for COVID-19. For example, our bathroom and seating areas are sterilized after each use. Clients who have recently had in-person sessions at our clinic report feeling very comfortable and safe in our therapeutic environment.

About Us: We receive far more referrals than we can accept, and therefore we have decided to expand our team. We are looking for autonomous or supervised practice-level psychologists to join our psychology group. We are all “team-players,” who genuinely respect and care for one another. The work environment is unfailingly pleasant, authentic and open, and exceptionally supportive. We highly value collaboration, egalitarianism, and transparency. Providing psychotherapy is rewarding but also emotionally draining, and it is important to feel comfortable with and supported by our peers. Our practice is of the highest quality, and everything is well organized and managed. For example, our intake coordinator is a clinical psychologist (registered with CPO), so that clients are directed to the appropriate associate by someone highly trained and very knowledgeable in the field. Emails and phone calls are returned the same day. We do not cut any corners, and we value quality over quantity.

What We are Looking For: We are looking for warm, empathic, emotionally attuned, ethical-minded and engaged psychologists with strong critical thinking abilities, highly developed case conceptualization skills, extensive knowledge of psychological theories and diagnostic criteria, and excellent interpersonal skills. Interested candidates should be creative, dynamic, and multi-dimensional with knowledge of a variety of treatment modalities. We value an integrative and culturally-informed approach to clinical work. Authorization by CPO to practice couples therapy; fluency in languages other than English; and competency to treat a wide range of presenting issues are assets.

What we require:

· Autonomous or Supervised-Practice Level Psychologist with a Doctoral degree (Ph.D. or Psy.D.) from a CPA/APA-accredited program, who can work with adults (work with couples is an asset, not a requirement)

· Registration (or eligibility for registration) with the College of Psychologists of Ontario

· Diversity training and experience with diverse populations

What we are offering:

· Part-time or full-time position

· Flexible hours (including weekday daytime and evenings and Saturdays)

· Very competitive pay

· Steady stream of referrals

If you are interested, please send your CV to Dr. Lisa Bradford. Please include a cover letter with ONLY your title and name, email address, and a check mark or asterisk (*) beside the following (please mark all points that apply to you):

- Doctoral degree (Ph.D. or Psy.D.) from a CPA/APA-accredited program


- Autonomous Clinical or Counselling Psychologist registered with CPO and authorized to work with adults


- Autonomous Clinical or Counselling Psychologist registered with CPO and authorized to work with adults and couples


- Eligibility to register with CPO as a Supervised Practice Psychologist working with adults


- Eligibility to register with CPO as a Supervised Practice Psychologist working with adults and couples


- Experience with diverse populations and culturally-informed and integrative approach


- Excellent interpersonal skills, collaborative approach, and interest in building relationships with other team members

I hope everyone is keeping well and healthy during these strange and trying times.

Warm regards,

Lisa Bradford

Reference ID: 7348

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract

COVID-19 considerations:
Located in house; very few people in the entire building at any one time. Many windows, and they all open. No elevators. Large rooms for social distancing. Private bathroom, and no common areas. Strict cleaning regimen and stringent COVID-19 protocol.

Work remotely:

  • Temporarily due to COVID-19