Chief of University Planning, Design & Construction

University of Toronto - Toronto, ON (il y a 16 mois)

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Job Number: 2000387

Faculty / Division: University Planning, Design & Construction

Department: University Planning, Design & Construction

Campus: St. George (downtown Toronto)

Reporting to the Vice-President, University Operations, the Chief of University Planning, Design & Construction will assume stewardship of one of the University's most precious assets - a portfolio of land, buildings and related facilities spanning academic, research, administrative, residential and commercial buildings on three campuses. The St George Campus is prominently situated in a complex urban setting, with a wide variety of architectural styles, and is surrounded by diverse neighbourhoods and landmarks. The UTSC and the UTM campus are approximately 30 km from downtown Toronto and present different conditions and complexities. Committed to design excellence, sensitive to its historical context and mindful of the need to approach expenditures in a responsible, sustainable way, the portfolio presents many challenges and opportunities. Overseeing an exceptional portfolio of land and buildings, this is a significant leadership position with an extensive impact on the student experience at the University of Toronto.

The Chief will develop strategies to aligns the University’s physical assets to its academic mission, maximize value for the future, and optimize use of the university’s physical assets in the immediate term, develop both the long term and annual plans for acquisition, divestiture, construction and redevelopment of land and buildings on all campuses.

Leading a team of professionals, the incumbent is responsible for establishing the strategic direction and vision for the University Design and Construction Division through a group of Directors (Office of Space Management, Project Development, Design & Engineering, and Project Management) and support staff including architects and engineers. The Chief will provide leadership and coordination in: optimizing the utilization of the University’s existing physical resources, planning for future capital projects that are both fiscally responsible and aligned with the University’s key academic and research missions, enabling project development that is a smooth transition between planning and implementation , providing in-house design and engineering services, and ensuring successful implementation of capital projects through project management. The Chief is also responsible for developing the University’s real estate strategies.

The incumbent will establish and build, where appropriate, partnerships and cooperative ventures and be an inclusive and consultative leader to multiple stakeholders. The incumbent works closely with the senior leadership of the University, Principals and Deans, and provides strategic support to the Vice President Operations and Real Estate Partnerships for long range planning of the physical resources of the University. As well, the incumbent will help carry the responsibility for strengthening the relationship with the City and the Community and provide representation of the University’s interests, as it relates to capital development and expansion, in any required community or city council/board meetings.

Represent UPDC portfolio at committee meetings (e.g. task force meetings, steering committees, etc.) and governing council meetings to provide input and expertise.

Job Duties:
Strategic Planning and Leadership
Develop strategic plans with senior management for redevelopment of University land and buildings to optimize opportunities for additional academic space and potential for leasing and commercial revenues.

Oversee the implementation of real estate strategies, and financial strategies and tactics ensuring integration with the goals and objectives of the University.

Provides input on the development of the University of Toronto campus master plans, on all three campuses, in accordance with University’s overall campus and facilities planning goals and objectives.

Oversee the development of short and long-term space capital plans to ensure they are consistent with and in support of academic and budgetary priorities and the overall strategic plan based on knowledge of current zoning and regulatory requirements.

Make recommendations concerning the allocation of space and facilities resources to ensure maximum utilization of space for the University’s facilities on all three campuses.

Provide strategic guidance to the management team to ensure effective administration and delivery of design and engineering and project management services, and consistent application of policies and procedures.

Represent the UPDC portfolio at committee meetings (e.g., task force meetings, steering committees, etc.) and governing council meetings to provide input and expertise.

Provide strategic leadership, direction and development expertise to project management group based on construction experience to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Oversee, with Directors, the development of recommendations relating to design, construction and development on all three University campuses, based on research gathered from peer institutions and leading international research universities, for approval by the University (e.g., Design Review Committee).

Capital Projects Planning

Lead meetings of relevant UPDC staff with Municipal Councillors and Planners on a frequent basis to keep them apprised of upcoming and planned capital projects – post planning stage.
Oversee consultation with neighborhood liaison groups on a project by project basis to maintain positive relations and inform them of how a project will impact their neighbourhood – post planning stage.
Consult on the resolution of escalated issues, problems and concerns with municipal authorities based on knowledge of University of Toronto policies, procedures and mission.
Oversee project and governance packages to various committees (i.e., Planning and Budget, University Affairs and Academic Board, Business Board and then Governing Council) to secure funds and approval for capital projects.
Oversee the provision of capital project information for the purposes of completing applications for funding and grants including GRIP (Government Research Infrastructure Programs).
Consult on the development of reports and arguments to obtain funding from private sector organizations for capital projects.
Oversee the developments of reports and presentations to obtain necessary approval including Boards and Committees of Governing Council for capital projects.
Real Estate Management
Maintain knowledge of major developments in the real estate industry, best practices and industry standards in order to position the portfolio to deliver competitive leading edge services.

Project Management
Maintain in-depth knowledge of industry standards and best practices, the University’s facilities, long-term plans, aspirations and policies, procedures and processes and has an understanding of critical contextual factors, such as architectural principles and trends, planning and zoning by-laws and standards, and legislation and building codes relevant to University facilities and capital projects in order to ensure that capital priorities are tied to academic and budgetary priorities.
Oversee large-scale University real estate construction projects to ensure priorities and deadlines are adhered to and financial estimates and targets are managed.
Review all standard contracts and agreements with architect and construction community to ensure documents are current (i.e., up to date to reflect law legislation), fair and adequately meet the needs of the University of Toronto.
Oversee the development of project budgets for capital projects with due consideration of available funding (e.g. donors, Faculty resources, borrowing, etc).
Oversee the selection of consultants and architects for all large-scale capital projects as Chair of the Architect Selection Committee. (but in Director, Project Development job description)
Execute finalized building plan in accordance with space and infrastructure requirements determined by Vice-President, University Operations.
Oversee the Project Implementation Committee to ensure the project is moving forward efficiently and effectively.
Oversee work with City Hall on capital projects to ensure projects conform to development approvals, regulatory ordinances, bylaws, and codes.
Submit legal documents for adjustment hearings as an officer of the University.
Oversee the approval list of general contractors to receive tenders for large projects (i.e., over $2 million).
Negotiate terms and conditions of construction contracts in conjunction with the Director, Project Management, on behalf of the University of Toronto.
Oversee the monitoring of monthly status reports before they go out to users, senior/divisional administrators and other stakeholder to ensure accuracy and completeness.
Oversee closeout of projects and conclusion of final transfer of building assets to operations to ensure teaching and research programs are not jeopardized.

Financial Management, Budget and Approvals

Lead the development of annual budget and five year projections for the UPDC portfolio and each of the departments, based on understanding of resources needed for completion of work, and ensuring base and cost-recovery areas are balanced. Implement budgetary and process controls to ensure portfolio is bottom line focused and customer service orientated.
Oversee operating budget process including financial planning and forecasting, budget analysis, reporting and monitoring, and internal audit implementation to ensure that financial integrity is maintained and revenue targets are met.
Approve invoices, consultant invoices and all change orders for capital projects to ensure the documentation is in accordance with University policy and that the process is transparent.
Oversee the provision of project budgets to users for capital project financial models to ensure models meet guidelines (e.g., residence self-funding) and will be accepted by Financial Services.
Oversee costs for projects and approved space program in accordance with the University’s short and long term capital projects plans and objectives.
Analyze flow of non-academic funding (donors, government) for projects to ensure money is advanced in a timely fashion and projects stay on budget.
Develop schedule that identifies cash flow needs of projects to support Financial Services in managing cash flow for Capital Projects.
Provide input to assist Directors in the development of project budgets based on understanding of required resources.
Monitor capital projects and section operating costs to track expenses relative to budget and determine causes of variances.
Oversee the identification of project related and ongoing maintenance costs (e.g. financing costs, equipment costs, ongoing operating costs) to determine current and future costs for budgeting purposes, in conjunction with the Executive Director, Planning and Budget.
Negotiate with government bodies (e.g., City of Toronto, Province of Ontario) in relation to planning and implementation of capital projects and areas of non-compliance.
Develop recommendations and alternatives to resolve areas of non-compliance and gain approval from various levels of government.
Investigate funding and grant opportunities with private and public sector to finance capital projects.
Policy Development
Consults on guidelines to direct the use of Campus space and facilities (e.g. Site Development Guidelines) to ensure a consistent approach that adheres to necessary standards across the University and meets provincial guidelines.
Approve by-laws (e.g. parking by-law for the University) to ensure the effective use of Campus space at the University.

Human Resources Management

Full managerial authority over the staff in the work unit/department.
Manages staff to ensure work tasks are completed on schedule and standards and policies are followed.
Defines roles and responsibilities of staff, based on understanding of individual skills and project requirements.
Plans strategically for and defines the organizational structure of, the Unit/Department including the kinds of equipment used, the methods and techniques of work, the work assignments, duties and responsibilities of positions and the classifications and qualifications of positions as well as other management rights contained in appropriate collective agreements.
Implement changes to the organizational structure, including organizational change, hiring, layoff, demotions, creating and eliminating positions.
Assigns tasks to staff based on understanding of needs and availability of resources.
Approves work of staff to ensure quality of work.
Develops plans and work processes for department projects based on understanding of project requirements and timelines.
Guides department staff by providing the necessary direction and training to complete department/project work, based on knowledge of department procedures and specialized expertise.
Recommends training courses, seminars and conferences for staff to update and enhance their skills and knowledge.
Resolves technical problems and staff-related issues that arise during department/project work on a timely basis, to ensure work can be completed with minimal delay.
Hires staff based on assessment of candidates and understanding of department’s needs.
Discusses performance with employees to provide feedback and address performance related issues as part of the employee development process.
Disciplines employees where necessary and appropriate.
Evaluates employee performance based on assessment of individual’s work and achievement of performance goals.
Determines appropriate salary adjustments for employees based on performance and organization salary structure.
Terminates employment for cause or as a result of organization restructuring.
Consults with HR when dealing with serious issues that affect employment relationships.
Mediates conflict between staff members supervised.
Discusses informal complaints and step 1 - 3 grievances from unionized staff with employees, Human Resources and Labour Relations.
Resolves informal complaints from unionized staff, in consultation with Human Resources and Labour Relations.
Determines appropriate disposition of the grievance, in consultation with Human Resources and Labour Relations, based on knowledge of collective agreements and labour relations procedures.
Provides documentation and information to legal counsel in preparation for grievance arbitration hearings.
Presents evidence at arbitration hearings on behalf of management where unionized staff is involved.
Recommends exceptional pay adjustments for unionized staff based on evaluation of performance.

Hours of Work:
Typically 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Flexibility required.

University degree in Architecture, Engineering or Business (graduate degree preferred). Architectural Accreditations is desirable. Related courses in planning considered an asset.


Minimum ten (10) years senior level experience with a land and building portfolio, with construction management or within a large organization heavily involved in development, including several years of related space and facilities planning and/or capital projects management experience at a senior management level. Familiarity with University policy and procedures and extensive experience with and understanding of University governance. Experience with municipal procedures related to capital development.
Demonstrated experience managing and leading a team of professionals. Experience managing budgets and demonstrated success delivering products on time and on budget. Technical knowledge of the current zoning by-laws, potential challenges under discussion and related provincial legislation for building, fire, health, safety and construction codes.

Strong computer skills.


Excellent oral and written communication in English and visual skills including the ability to communicate ideas to diverse audiences of varied technical understanding both within and outside the University. Highly developed research, presentation and organizational skills. Demonstrated leadership, project management, initiative, planning and analytical skills. Exceptional aesthetic sense and intuitive understanding of design principles. Must be highly proactive, with the ability to manage a wide and dynamic range of duties simultaneously. High degree of political acuity, tact, discretion and judgement. Ability to deal with senior University Officers in a manner which facilitates cooperation and consensus building. Ability to frame solutions that are consistent with University academic and budgetary goals and priorities. Must be service and detail oriented. Ability to work both independently and within a team environment.

Travel: None

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Employee Group: Professional / Managerial

Appointment Type: Budget - Continuing

Schedule: Full-time

Pay Scale Group and Hiring Rate: PM 10 - Hiring Zone: $184,598 - $215,363 - Broadband Salary Range: $184,598 - $307,662 (Open)

Job Field: Administration

Job Posting: May 12, 2020

Job Closing: Jul 19, 2020, 10:59:00 PM