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Specific Responsibilities

Be detail and task-oriented

Actively maintain the cleanliness of personal and team workspaces.
Maintain a high level of grooming, hygiene, and professional appearance.
Perform vehicle maintenance and repairs.
Diagnose the source of any malfunctions and perform the repair.
Examine vehicles to determine if additional safety or service work is required.
Provide written, prioritized quotes for necessary additional work.
Explain procedures and repairs directly to the Service Advisor.
Perform road tests.
Perform safety inspections.
Review and analyze actions regularly to determine how to better utilize time and plan more effectively.
Encourage compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Be a strong communicator.

Greets all customers warmly.
Update the Service Consultant throughout the service process (eg. when there is an issue when the car goes to detailing for a car wash when the work is completed).
Using strong written communication skills, clearly and concisely document findings throughout the service process.

Commit to the brand.

Stay up-to-date on brand specific training programs.
Possess strong product knowledge.
Possess a strong aptitude of technical/mechanical repairs.
Be knowledgeable about new features and updates.
Be a champion for delivering excellent service 100% of the time.
Actively maintain the cleanliness of personal and team workspaces.
Maintain a high level of professional appearance.

Develop and maintain full knowledge of the Industry.

Keep up to date with products, accessories, prices, and key features of major competitors.

Indicators of Success

Job Processes

Quality and Efficiency of service.
Effectiveness in following the required standards and processes.

Norms & Culture

Willingness to contribute to other tasks.
Initiative and quality of contribution to improving departmental strategic measures.


Completion and application of company and brand-specific training.
Embodies professionalism and brand experience in job performance.

Skills and Competencies


Excellent interpersonal skills with an upbeat and engaging attitude.
Excellent verbal communication with a pleasant demeanor
Effective written communication skills.
Excellent customer service skills.
Ability to manage customer complaints and to solve difficult problems.

Eye for Details

Problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
Organized and pays attention to detail.
Ability to follow set and standard procedures.

Continuous Improvement

Ability to take ownership of problems with a positive attitude and bring them to completion.
Flexible and open to change; take on special tasks as needed.
Results oriented and accountable.
Adaptable to work evening and weekend shifts as scheduled.
Ability to work independently and take self-initiative
Ability to work within a team.
Results-oriented and accountable.


Timely arrival for work in a condition fit and ready to complete work responsibilities.
Excellent time management skills.

Task-Related Competencies

Strong aptitude of technical/mechanical repairs.
Strong product knowledge.
Able to operate manual and automatic transmissions.
Hold a valid technician’s license and provide Service Manager with copy upon request.
Maintain ODP License
Maintain college of trades certification.
Maintain Drive Clean-Light Duty Inspector Certification
Maintain HRAI/CFC/HCFC/HFC Control License
Maintain Valid Drivers License.

Physical Demands & Work Environment

The Service Technician will be required to lift, lower, hold and carry light, medium or heavy loads.
Position requires an alternate of sitting, standing and walking, while primarily involving long periods of standing.
This position requires frequent movement on the body.
Ability to work in confined spaces.
Exhibit forceful exertions with hands and arms.
Use of tools such as wrenches, hoists, air tools, alignment and wheel balancer.
Movement, lifting, and use of tools may cause strain to the shoulders, back, arms and legs.
Physically demanding environment and so reasonable level of physical fitness and flexibility are needed.
Busy and noisy work environment and so the Service Technician must have excellent focus and time management skills to complete tasks to meet customer deadlines.