General Manager

Cafe Landwer - Maple, ON (il y a 4 mois)

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Ongoing monitoring of all trainees and trainers performances. Close and proactive supervision of the training and first shifts of all new employees in all departments, directing them, following their professional progress and holding section meetings with them during training.
Weekly brief – the guidance manager is in charge of the branch's weekly brief. He/ She select the main points of the week's service and decide how and which issues the management department will dictate during their shifts.
Monthly tutorial- one professional issue will be chosen as the guidance of that month (from Landwer's tutorials bank)
Making sure that the all branch's team provide the guests with the best most professional service at the tables and/or the bar.
Ascertaining correct service indexes- follow up brief's highlights on site. Inspecting the waiters' service level.
Getting updated in changes in the recipes of dishes and implementing with the waiters' staff. Ensuring professionalism, order and maintenance of guidance and knowledge in the branch.
Maintaining constant liaison with the branch manager.
Taking active part in the branch's managers meetings, involving them in guidance and trainees related issues.
Working with the trainees in accordance with chain protocols – arriving 15 minutes before the beginning of a shift, personal hygiene, banning cellphone use during the shift, taking breaks with shift manager's permission, clothing and aesthetic appearance.
Follow up meeting or conversation with trainee after training. Menu exam check with trainee, correcting errors and confirming readiness for the first shift.
Making sure that trainings are done per the proper checklists.
Making sure all weekly brief's highlights are performed.
Maintaining a good ambiance among departments.
Making sure that staff keeps a positive spirit at work.
In some of the branches, the guidance manager is in charge of ordering the office products – this is given to the franchiser's discretion.