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The Operations Manager shall provide the Management services as described herein or as otherwise requested by the Company:


A Position Summary:

The Operations Manager is a senior manager and is responsible for oversight of all administrative and operational activities within the Medical and Health Operations division of Alberta Medical Clinics. The position may also require onsite clinic management of one or multiple clinics as needed.

B Hours of Work:

This is a full time position. This is a salaried management position. Some early morning, late evening, or weekend meetings will be required at times, particularly when meeting with physicians or staff.

C Reporting Relationships:

This role reports to the Executives and ownership group of the organization.

The Operations Manager is evaluated annually and as required, on agreed performance measures, and has a learning and development plan.

All Staff and managers within the Medical and Health Operations division report directly to the Operations Manager

D Key Responsibilities:

Key areas of responsibility include accountability for business issues, recruitment and retention of clinicians, drive growth and ensure profitability, program planning and implementation, evaluation, quality assurance and the management of a multidisciplinary team of professionals and support staff. Other functions include ongoing business planning, financial accountability and working collaboratively with ownership.

The Operations Manager has primary responsibility in the following areas:

  • Leadership & Strategic Development

a. Help define company vision and model it to the organization

b. Ensure all programs and services support the purpose of the clinic group

c. Build a fluid and dynamic organization that reacts to the priority needs of its physician members, clinicians and key stakeholders

d. Support the work of the clinic managers team to help them achieve their purpose of effectively directing the clinic group; where appropriate provide strategic options, briefings and recommendations

e. Lead annual business planning and the strategic planning process; take a key role in the development of subsequent business plans

f. Monitor regional, provincial, and national trends in order to promote implementation of evidence-based best practice in primary care service delivery

g. Ensure the provision of community based services relevant and responsive to community needs consistent with available resources.

  • Program Planning, Development and Implementation

a. Implement the business plan and proactively identity strategies to drive performance of all clinics

b. In conjunction with clinic managers and relevant advisory committees, develop policies, procedures and practices that support and ensure effective program delivery

c. Lead the service planning for new service implementation. Engage relevant stakeholders as required

d. Facilitate development and support of multidisciplinary teams and other service providers

e. Make recommendations to owners regarding goal setting, program planning, implementation and evaluation for services delivered

f. Ensure appropriate and effective evaluation is done on all key programs

g. Participate on any committees of the Executive Level as necessary

h. Create a continuous improvement culture

i. Ensure quality assurance and risk management strategies are developed to guide and protect operations

j. Adhere to applicable legislation including, but not limited to, the Health Information Act, Freedom of Information Act, Occupational Health and Safety; act as the Privacy Officer for the clinic group

k. Accountable to address stakeholder issues and concerns

l. Contribute locally and provincially to the development of practice guidelines, standards and policies for clinic group

  • Financial & Legal Management

a. Ensure appropriate and effective policies are in place and followed with regards to all financial matters

b. Ensure to operate clinics in a manner that is fiscally responsible and drive for operational excellence – ensure expenses are controlled and revenue targets are met or exceeded.

c. Act ethically in all financial matters ensuring owner’s trust is never jeopardized, particularly with regards to payments made to the Operations Manager or Executive Level members (e.g.. ensuring appropriate supporting paperwork is in place in all circumstances)

d. Establish and maintain a satisfactory financial system, including payroll, with appropriate controls and reporting and provide financial management in accordance with the approved budget and direction of the Executive Level

e. Establishes and monitors the clinic group's financial budget

f. Manage all resources appropriately as well as ensuring appropriate cash flow and overseeing the clinic group's investments

g. Ensure timely submission of required reporting to the Controller/Accounting department and ownership

h. Complete and manage all grant applications and seek out additional, appropriate sources of funding

i. Ensure appropriate insurance and security measures are in place to protect company from liability and theft

j. Act as key liaison with legal counsel ensuring that all legal issues are identified and addressed as necessary (including contract development, due process, corporation resolutions, etc)

k. Ensure necessary documentation is in place to meet all legal and financial requirements

l. Provide accurate operational and financial reports and statements to the Executive Level on a monthly basis

  • Administration

a. Establish a satisfactory place of business (premises and infrastructure) for the clinic group and its operations

b. Organize and support executive Level as required

c. Facilitate meetings between various stakeholders as appropriate

d. Ensure the preparation, maintenance, security, and distribution of necessary records (financial, personnel, program, membership, meeting, etc)

e. Any other duties that may be reasonably required for the success of the company

  • Human Resource Management

a. Ensure relevant policies, procedures, guidelines, job descriptions and benefits are in place; ensure staff are treated fairly, with dignity and respect at all times

b. Build a high performance team; create a culture of effective collaboration throughout

c. Work on continuous recruitment and retention initiatives for physicians and revenue generating clinicians to ensure growth and financial performance is maximized

d. Establish a learning culture as well as one that utilizes the strengths of each individual

e. Strive for high retention, low turnover and a desirable work environment

f. Define and implement effective hiring, orientation and performance review processes

g. Define and utilize as appropriate, effective disciplinary and termination processes

h. Coach and mentor direct reports, providing regular and consistent feedback as well as conducting an annual performance review; build in succession planning

  • Communication

a. Provide the key communication link to all key stakeholders (Executive Level, physician membership, all clinicians, Alberta Health Services, Primary Care Initiative Committee, Alberta Health, and the public) regarding issues related to the company

b. Develop and implement a communications strategy that supports the company's activity with stakeholders

c. Ensure communication with member physicians is consistent, effective, relevant and appropriate and utilizes appropriate methods

d. Provide clear direction to company staff, contractors and all vendors

e. Provide consultation to planning groups, health institutions, community groups, policy makers, organizational leaders and teaching institutions regarding issues related to the company

f. Represent the company where appropriate

Qualifications & Expertise

· Experience in public health preferred. Experience managing busy medical clinics valuable

· Five or more year’s proven Management experience required in the healthcare setting.

· Strong track record of managing and helping organizations drive performance and profitability

· Thorough understanding of HR management and regulations

· Must have an understanding of ethics of confidentiality

· Strong computer skills and experience

· Own personal vehicle and ability to commute


  • On-site parking
  • Bonus scheme
  • Vacation & paid time off
  • Vision care
  • Dental care

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Permanent

Salary: $50,000.00 to $80,000.00 /year


  • executive: 5 years (Preferred)
  • healthcare: 5 years (Required)
  • HR management: 5 years (Required)