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As a key member of the management and operations team, the Operations Managerl (OM) will provide leadership and direction to the residence staff team and to the provision of good service to students. The OM will provide key information and reports to senior management to assist in making timely and proactive decisions.

The OM will work closely with the senior management team, finance and human resources to ensure that information and workflows are properly reported while seeking to improve efficiency within the residence and head office as a whole. Administrative and management capacity while focusing on the overall objectives of the residence is essential to this role.

As a result, the OM for our student residence in Ottawa is motivated, independent, organized, enthusiastic and responsible.


1. As the person in charge of the residence's budget:

a. Preparing budgets and analyzing income and expenses ;

b. Participate in the development of awards and promotional strategies;

c. Negotiate with suppliers when purchasing merchandise and supplies;

d. Managing orders (food, maintenance products, etc.);

e. Ensuring lease renewals and rent payments;

f. Ensuring that the petty cash balances and managing the petty cash budget on a monthly basis;

g. Respecting and following up on the budget, controlling the Residence's expenses;

h. Ensure the continuity of services offered to residents by employees, contracts and payment of bills;

i. Measure and evaluate the achievement of results through the development and updating of reports;

j. Ensure growth in occupancy rates.

2. As an active member of the management team and operations :

a. Provide information to the management team on a regular basis through consultation, review and modification as required;

b. Ensure the well-being of the residence, its tenants and good customer service  ;

c. Ensure and implement a complaints process in line with KATASA standards and norms;

d. Develop, implement and evaluate policies and procedures relating to the operation of the service or facility ;

e. Contributing to organizational development by assisting the management team in the overall development of the residence ;

f. Manage and resolve client and student complaints;

g. Participating in weekly meetings ;

h. Ensuring the quality of services and the cleanliness of the premises, including ensuring compliance with norms and standards;

i. Management of student complaints/conflicts ;

j. Ensure the collection of the rent for the entire residence, every 15th day of the month ;

k. Conducting residence site visits and rounds of inspections ;

l. Supervising and getting involved in the rental and ensuring target objectives with the rental department, ensuring a minimum rental rate and waiting and maintaining the minimum rental rate ;

m. Taking charge of and updating the "Rentroll", as well as ensuring that the minimum percentage of leases is always respected and requesting the authorization of the immediate superior for any lower percentage;

n. Ensure that the rent amount is in accordance with the lease agreement;

o. Verify that each lease is properly filled out and that any exception is pre-approved by the immediate superior;

p. Ensure that the organization is kept organized and maintained and that documents are kept confidential (filing, organization and Tenant Board of Ontario standards);

q. Follow the collection process and the completion of collection reports ;

r. Ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of the premises and the maintenance of the building ;

s. Manage contracts and ensure that a minimum of three (3) bids are received, and act as a key person in negotiations with suppliers ;

t. Ensure that an adequate schedule of activities is always posted according to KATASA standards;

u. Be present at every activity organized for the residency;

v. Ensure that every internal and external activity of the residence is done in an organized and professional manner according to KATASA standards;

w. To keep the administrative office of the residence clean at all times ;

x. Collaborates and aims at the implementation of KATASA's decisions;

y. Keep up to date with the laws and regulations of the Régie de logement and the Tenants Board.

3. As the person in charge of personnel management :

a. Work as a team with the Human Resources department on the recruitment process;

b. Confirming and validating the hours worked by all employees to ensure payroll compliance ;

c. Ensure that all overtime is pre-approved by Samantha CHOWEIRI ;

d. Ensure that the gradation of penalties are applied and comply with Quebec and Ontario labour standards;

e. Ensure that employees are properly trained to perform their duties ;

f. f. Ensuring that the management of staff numbers: creation of schedules, management of vacation requests, unpaid leave and sick days for employees, and ensuring that any staff replacements are properly identified ;

g. Work independently, and show an interest in keeping up to date with Quebec and Ontario labour standards legislation;

h. Maintain a positive and open work climate while keeping the team motivated and productive;

i. Measure staff performance and productivity on a monthly basis and proactively implement the necessary corrective measures;

j. Supervise and train staff and establish work schedules;

k. Organize surprise visits for employees who work evening and weekend shifts ;

l. Being available for employees outside of office hours ;

m. Managing staff complaints/conflicts.

4. As a Customer Service Manager:

a. Ensure that complaints are managed in a timely and professional manner ;

b. Communicate its role, i.e., act as a liaison person to establish a point of contact between clients, students, the community and KATASA providers;

c. Participate in the development and improvement of THÉO's customer service policies, design and implement work methods to provide better customer service ;

d. Establish a complaints and service quality management system ;

e. Develop marketing and sales strategies and those aimed at customer loyalty ;

f. f. Advising various employees on how to achieve their customer satisfaction objectives ;

g. Ensuring that KATASA's mission and value are communicated and shared with customers, employees and all persons external and internal to the organization.


§ Ability to maintain positive and stimulating interpersonal relationships ;

§ Behaviour demonstrating listening, respect and empathy;

§ Ability to work in an interdisciplinary, analytical and judgmental manner;

§ Ability to manage conflict situations;

§ Leadership and organizational skills;

§ Autonomy and a good sense of responsibility and ability to enforce procedures;

§ Knowledge of the certification process and is up to date with the latest changes;

§ Be in control of all administrative files;

§ High communication skills;

§ High negotiation skills;

§ Oversee the operation of all departments;

§ Supervise and support the heads of all departments in day-to-day operations.

§ Have the ability to communicate effectively and clearly with the management team, employees and bankers.

§ Respond to the requests and needs of the management team and other external stakeholders.

§ Be responsible, along with others, for ensuring that needs and deadlines are met.

§ Be able to influence and listen effectively, and build relationships with people at all levels.

§ Be able to lead and motivate your team.

§ Be able to put oneself in the shoes of others to avoid disrespectful situations.

§ In giving and receiving feedback, be able to anticipate feedback in learning situations.

§ Be able to anticipate risk situations and act to mitigate results.

§ Working on solutions to do more in less time, e.g., optimize electronic solutions, delegate functions, etc.

§ Demonstrates pragmatism by ensuring that urgent areas are covered during scheduled business hours and providing time options to cover non-urgent work.

§ Be prepared to work to fully understand the Company's current processes, structures and financial statements in order to provide better recommendations to maximize efficiency and produce relevant reports.


§ Education: Bachelors in Business Administration or equivalent;

§ Enjoys interacting with retired people;

§ Bilingualism: French and English;

§ Good resistance to stress and teamwork;

§ At least seven (7) years experience in management;

§ Excellent oral and written communication skills in French and English;

§ Excellent computer skills: Word, Excel, Outlook, CRM, etc..;

§ Knowledge of records management with WSIB (asset).

§ Analytical and decision-making skills.

§ Visit competitors regularly and report back to your supervisor.

§ Respect for tenants, their families, and potential clients;

§ High communication skills;

§ Leadership and management skills.

Dress code

– Business attire: professional clothing (pants, skirt, shirt, tie, etc.)


– We have opportunities for growth and career advancement.

- KATASA believes in continuous professional development

We thank all applicants for their interest, but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

KATASA is committed to creating a diverse environment and prides itself on being an equal opportunity employer. We strongly support equal employment opportunities.

Reference ID: TH-012020

Type d'emploi : Temps Plein, Permanent


  • manager cases WSIB: 2 ans (Souhaité)
  • gestionnaire: 7 ans (Requis)


  • Baccalauréat (Souhaité)


  • Ottawa, ON (Souhaité)