Production Support Technician

Dehumidified Air Solutions - Saint-Laurent, QC (il y a 28 jours)

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Status: Full-time, permanent

Location: Montréal (Saint-Laurent)

Job Description:
DAS is a growing company that seeks to optimize its methods and is currently reorganizing some of its departments to improve their operations but especially to better support their customers and production teams.

The company has separated its activities by product line:
Standard products with several options available without any modification of the design required;
Semi-custom products that can be slightly adapted to design;
Custom products according to customer requirements.

The production support process involves DAS having a highly skilled team that can provide the link between sales teams and production teams. Note that the incumbent will work directly in the offices adjacent to the manufacturing plant.

The successful candidate will have to be able to work in a changing environment where response times are very short.

Role and Responsibilities:
The Production Support Technician has the responsibility to prepare all necessary documentation for all 4 brands within DAS.
Within the DAS process, the Production Support Manager takes over from the sales support team and must ensure that technical information is provided to the production team in accordance with the client’s signed quote. whose:

The approved submittal packages;

The manufacturing plans associated with the submittal.

Responsibilities also involve answering questions from the production manager to clarify, where appropriate, the gray areas of the submittal.

In particular, the incumbent performs the following tasks:
Performs a detailed analysis of the order form sent by the client;
Ensures the conformity of the submittal by talking with the seller, if applicable; Provides the technical drawings for the production team (electrical, mechanical, etc.); Prepare the assembly instructions for the product to be delivered;
Validate with the production manager that all the documentation is in compliance.

First year mandate:
In their 1st year at DAS, the incumbent will have to reach the following targets:

3 months: Provide a complete production package independently for semi-custom products;
6 months: Provide a complete production package for custom products. These products require a greater understanding of DAS products;
12 months: Is able to clarify points for the production managers.

Education and Experience:
Technical DEC or Bachelor of Engineering;
Minimum of 5 years of experience in a manufacturing or industrial production environment related to the field;
Experience of two (2) years working with a 2D drawing software (3D an asset); Experience in air conditioning, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC); Refrigeration or dehumidification experience is an asset;
Knowledge of office tools (Office Suite);
French oral and written and functional English, especially in writing.

How to apply:
If you are interested in this opportunity, we invite you to send your resume to Valeria Todoran at