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The Aquatics Supervisor oversees the programs and activities at the Don Stewart Aquatic Centre, leads staff and ensures quality, safe programming for all users.

The position of Aquatics Supervisor reports directly to the Director of Recreation and is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the swimming pool and associated facilities. The incumbent works to make the Aquatic Centre an attractive, welcoming and inviting place, with responsive programming and quality service. The incumbent works to develop appropriate programs, maintain positive community-staff relations, supervise and develop staff and monitor budgets and resources.

Plans and develops pool programs and pool usage schedule in order to ensure maximum benefit of the facility for community residents. This includes but is not limited to:
Plan, develop and evaluate pool related activities;
Develop a schedule for pool use including public swims, lessons and other activities;
Supervise Pool facilities and staff;
Develop swim activities to meet local needs;
Coordinate involvement in regional, territorial and provincial swim meets;
Coordinate an active community relations campaign to promote pool programs;
Arrange for advertising of programs;
Promote safety in and out of the water;
Fill in as needed: teach swimming lessons; act as lifeguard; and
Set up and/or instruct lessons for school groups.
Maintains the facility to ensure the swimming pool is safe and clean. This includes but is not limited to:
Take water quality samples;
Make adjustments to chlorine levels as required;
Ensure lobby, changerooms and deck area are clean;
Inspect facilities daily to ensure safety standards are maintained; and
Coordinate pool maintenance, pool chemistry and aquatic centre supplies as per NWT Public Pool Regulations; working with the Facilities and Parks Supervisor, Facility Maintainers and Public Works staff as needed to ensure the safety and maintenance of the Don Stewart Aquatic Centre as per NWT Public Pool Regulations.
Administers pool programs to ensure budgets and records are maintained in an accurate and timely manner. This includes but is not limited to:
Assist in preparation of the pool budget;
Monitor the budget and spending;
Order materials and supplies as needed;
Maintain proper inventory of pool materials and supplies;
Prepare monthly usage reports; and
Maintain office files.
Hires and supervises pool staff to ensure that staff are qualified and performing duties in a safe and professional manner. This includes but is not limited to:
Hire and supervise lifeguards and swimming instructors;
Undertake employee performance management, including annual goal setting/work-planning, annual performance appraisals, discipline as required in conjunction with Human Resources;
Provide regular feedback to subordinates as part of ongoing performance management of staff;
Ensure staff oversight in accordance with the Town of Hay River Collective Agreement;
Ensure lifeguards and swim instructors meet requirements; and
Schedule hours of work.
Perform other related duties as required.

Competencies are the attitudes, attributes, behaviours or other personal characteristics that are needed in order to perform a job well. Competencies are intended to complement the credentials, education and technical proficiency that an individual typically brings to a position. The Town will support staff in enhancing their competencies and learning to apply competencies to their daily work.

The following core competencies are expected of all employees of the Town.
Organizational awareness – understands big picture of issues facing the Town and community; aware of community events and occurrences; values the place of the Town within the community, understands the connection between his/her role and the vision and mission of the Town.
Customer Service – balances the interests of clients; re-adjusts priorities to respond to pressing and changing client needs. Anticipates and meets the needs of clients; achieves quality end products; committed to continuous improvement of services; ambassador for the Town to customers and clients.
Manage Resources Wisely –recognizes the value of resources - whether they are financial, human, information, material, assets, etc – and strives to use these prudently and sustainably, in the best interests of the Town.
Interpersonal skills – considers and responds appropriately to the needs, feelings and capabilities of different people in different situations; tactful, compassionate and sensitive; treats others with respect.
Oral Communication – makes clear and convincing points to individuals or groups; listens effectively and clarifies information as needed; facilitates an open exchange of ideas and fosters an atmosphere of open communication.
Written Communication – expresses facts and ideas in writing in a clear and organized manner
Problem Solving – identifies and analyzes problems; distinguishes between relevant and irrelevant information to make informed decisions; provides solutions to individual and organizational problems.
Continual Learning - grasps new information; recognizes own strengths and weaknesses; pursues self-development, seeks feedback from others and welcomes opportunities to learn new things.
Flexibility – open to change and new information; adapts behavior and work methods in response to new information; adjusts to new situations warranting attention and resolution.
Sound Decision-making– exercises good judgment in making decisions; seeks all the information to make informed decisions; perceives the impact and implication of decisions, even when data is limited, or solutions produce unpleasant consequences.

The following knowledge and skills are required for an individual to be able to perform the duties of this position:
Instructor courses (Swim & Lifesaving Instructor course);
First Aid Instructor, WHMIS training, emergency procedures training, CPR;
Pool Operator Level 1;
Current National Lifeguard Service Award;
Supervisory skills;
Excellent customer service/public relations skills;
Troubleshooting and problem-solving skills; and
Effective verbal and listening communications skills.

The Aquatics Supervisor would normally attain the required knowledge, skills and attitudes through completion of a Highschool diploma, along with certification in the following. (Equivalencies will be considered):
Pool Operator Level 1.
Water Safety Instructor Certificate.
First Aid and CPR Certificate.
National Lifeguard Standard Instructor/Examiner Certificate.
Examiner to Bronze Cross Level.
Fitness Instructor Certificate (Preferred).
First Aid Instructor (Preferred).

Physical Demands: The Aquatics Supervisor is expected to supervise, oversee and monitor swimming programs. The incumbent will be expected to lift, carry and manage equipment and supplies and may be required to practice lifesaving techniques. The incumbent is expected to perform guarding and instructor duties. The Aquatics Supervisor will be participating in and leading strenuous physical activities.
Environmental Conditions:The Aquatics Supervisor may find the environment to be busy, noisy and will need excellent organizational, time and stress management skills to complete the required tasks. The Aquatics Supervisor must be prepared to deal with injuries and accidents. He/she must also handle various chemicals including chlorine.
Sensory Demands: Sensory demands can include reading and use of the computer when completing administrative responsibilities which may cause eye strain and occasional headaches. The incumbent must also handle various chemicals such as chlorine, which have powerful odors.
Mental Demands: The Aquatics Supervisor will have to manage a number of requests and situations at one time. Stress may be caused by the need to multi-task. Managing staff and ensuring safety vigilance can be draining.


Position Security
Position of Trust – criminal records check required

Closes: July 30, 2020