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BMO Financial Group - Lévis, QC (il y a 30+ jours)

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44, boul President Kennedy

Job Family Group:
Retail Banking Sales & Service

Nous vous remercions pour votre intérêt à l'égard de BMO Groupe financier. Nous travaillons actuellement à offrir une meilleure expérience aux candidats en publiant toutes nos descriptions de poste en français et en anglais. Entre-temps, si ce poste est affiché au Québec ou au Nouveau-Brunswick, veuillez consulter la description de poste en français disponible sous la version anglaise. Autrement, veuillez consulter la description de poste ci-dessous en anglais, conformément aux exigences fédérales en matière de langues.

Promenades de Lévis Branch

Guides, directs, and coaches staff to deliver exceptional service to BMO customers and prospects. Understands the needs of BMO customers or prospects to provide sales and service in the best interest of the customer. Advises customers on lending/credit card strategies and products that meet their financial objectives. Identifies and makes referrals to other business groups. Supports sales and customer service activities to meet strategic customer experience and profitability goals in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and the Bank’s policies and processes.

Manages people and leads a team capable of delivering the desired business results.
Develops and executes a 6-12-month plan to maximize business growth and wallet share and achieve customer retention and acquisition objectives.
Probes to understand customer personal banking and credit card needs and integrates marketing promotions and programs into customer conversations to provide strategic advice in the best interests of the customer.
Coordinates service requests and problem resolution processes to ensure accurate completion and follow-up that meets or exceeds customer expectations, or escalates to manager for resolution.
Creates innovative business development strategies, including collaborating with other BMO partners to grow the business and maximize branch revenues, sales, and customer satisfaction, and minimize operating losses.
Generates leads to build and maintain customer relationships, resulting in outcomes that define a great customer experience.
Supports the Bank’s community involvement and participates in community activities.
Develops and maintains a network in the community to enhance the Bank’s visibility and build a strong referral source for new potential business.
Conducts cold calls to prospective customers to develop and maintain customer relationships.
Resolves customer related issues using knowledge of bank services, products, and processes.
Supervises the team to ensure customers are provided with superior service that defines a great customer experience.
Fulfills sales and service activities for the customer in accordance with approved procedures.
Continuously assesses and improves the fit-to-role and the skill / knowledge of subordinates to deliver on the desired customer experience.
Provides input into area business and market plans to optimize new and existing business opportunities within the community.
Acts as a trusted advisor to assigned business/group.
Influences and negotiates to achieve business objectives.
Recommends and implements solutions based on analysis of issues and implications for the business.
Assists in the development of strategic plans.
Identifies emerging issues and trends to inform decision-making.
Supports the execution of strategic initiatives in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.
Identifies skill / knowledge gaps and performance improvement opportunities for associates and specialists on the team.
Continually assesses and improves the level of individual and team performance through coaching.
Implements, reviews, and revises work plans.
Applies Bank’s performance and talent management system to manage performance and develop talent of direct reports.
Helps determine business priorities and best sequence for execution of business/group strategy.
Conducts independent analysis and assessment to resolve strategic issues.
Works with internal stakeholders and colleagues to leverage sales, fulfillment, and referral opportunities to improve share of wallet, acquire new customers, and provide full financial services to customers.
Builds effective relationships with internal/external stakeholders.
Ensures alignment between stakeholders.
Reviews and monitors sales and service performance against plan to identify gaps, issues, and best practices to develop and implement action plans that close performance gaps and resolve issues.
Breaks down strategic problems, and analyses data and information to provide insights and recommendations.
Coordinates the management of databases; ensures alignment and integration of data in adherence with data governance standards.
Monitors and tracks performance, and addresses any issues.
Designs and produces regular and ad-hoc reports, and dashboards.
Communicates goals, plans, and assignments to achieve financial and customer service goals.
Designs or leads change management programs of varying scope and type, including readiness assessments, planning, stakeholder management, execution, evaluation and sustainment of initiatives.
Leads or participates in defining the communication plan designed to positively influence or change behaviour; develops tailored messaging; and identifies appropriate distribution channels.
Provides guidance, direction, and coaching to the team to ensure individuals have a working proficiency in the retail sales environment and meet stated objectives.
Coordinates daily work routines, assigns duties, and leads hiring processes.
Provides technical training to branch employees to maintain operational and sales effectiveness and recommend improvements.
Develops and executes short term tactics/plans to drive specific behaviours, activities, and results.
Coordinates the implementation of national and regional sales and service initiatives.
Monitors the service request and problem resolution processes for adherence to national standards.
Provides input into the planning and implementation of operational programs.
Executes work to deliver timely, accurate, and efficient service.
Plans and controls unit operating expenses in accordance with forecasts.
Develops and manages a business/group program.
Assesses and adapts existing operational programs; develops new capabilities to ensure ongoing success.
Manages transactional outcomes for customer calls or defers to appropriate internal business groups.
Resolves complex or unresolved customer situations or escalates to the next higher manager for resolution.
Maintains current knowledge of personal banking and credit card industries, practices, and trends and integrates into customer conversations.
Builds effective relationships with internal/external stakeholders.
Ensures alignment between stakeholders.
Analyzes data and information to provide insights and recommendations.
Gathers and formats data into regular and ad-hoc reports, and dashboards.
Maintains the confidentiality of customer and Bank information.
Identifies and reports suspicious patterns of activity that are suspected to be related to money laundering.
Protect the Bank's assets in compliance with all regulatory, legal, and ethical requirements
Complies with legal and regulatory requirements, including Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing reporting, Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC), and the Privacy Act.
Focus is primarily on business/group within BMO; may have broader, enterprise-wide focus.
Provides specialized consulting, analytical and technical support.
Exercises judgment to identify, diagnose, and solve problems within given rules.
Works independently and regularly handles non-routine situations.
Broader work or accountabilities may be assigned as needed.


Typically between 5 - 7 years of relevant experience and post-secondary degree in related field of study or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
Advanced knowledge of credit card products.
Advanced knowledge of competitive marketplace and trends in product offerings.
Strong knowledge of all branch operational processes and policies.
Advanced knowledge of branch technologies, processes, and performance metrics.
Advanced knowledge of competitive market place and trends in product offerings.
Technical proficiency gained through education and/or business experience.
Verbal and written communication skills - In-depth.
Collaboration and team skills - In-depth.
Analytical and problem solving skills - In-depth.
Influence skills - In-depth.
Data driven decision making - In-depth.
Deep knowledge and technical proficiency gained through extensive education and business experience.
Verbal & written communication skills - In-depth.
Collaboration & team skills - In-depth.
Analytical and problem solving skills - In-depth.
Influence skills - In-depth.
Data driven decision making - In-depth.

Succursale de Promenades de Lévis

Le directeur de succursale est un ambassadeur de la marque BMO au sein de la communauté qu'il dessert et de l'équipe dont il est responsable. Vous jouerez un rôle clé dans la création de services bancaires efficaces destinés aux particuliers, et ce, par la gestion des talents et la planification de la relève, le coaching, la fidélisation de la clientèle et l'expansion des affaires.

En tant que directeur de succursale, vous devrez :
assurer un coaching, une direction et une formation efficaces aux membres de votre équipe pour les habiliter à offrir à nos clients un service exceptionnel dans un environnement complexe et évoluant rapidement;
former votre équipe pour l'amener à produire d'excellents résultats tout en respectant les pratiques et processus internes;
assumer la responsabilité du succès global de votre succursale en augmentant la visibilité de BMO afin de créer et de maintenir les relations avec les clients nouveaux et actuels et d'établir des occasions d'affaire dans la collectivité;
superviser les opérations courantes de la succursale pour protéger les actifs de la Banque et se conformer à toutes les exigences réglementaires, juridiques et éthiques;
jouer un rôle de promoteur du changement et diriger votre équipe de façon à soutenir les priorités stratégiques de BMO;
donner l'exemple en matière de leadership numérique en assurant la promotion d'autres circuits clientèles;
collaborer avec votre équipe pour améliorer l’engagement des employés;
collaborer et faciliter l'établissement de relations significatives entre les membres de l'équipe et divers partenaires au sein de BMO.

Tout commence avec l’écoute

À BMO Groupe financier, le client est au cœur de tout ce que nous entreprenons. À titre de leader, vous devrez soutenir les membres de votre équipe pour favoriser l'excellence des entretiens avec les clients et ainsi créer une expérience client mémorable. Dans le cadre de leurs fonctions, nous exigeons de nos directeurs de succursale qu'ils soient des dirigeants exceptionnels et des leaders, tant sur le plan individuel et que sur celui de l'entreprise, et qu'ils représentent BMO dans la collectivité. Vous superviserez l'ensemble des ventes, du service à la clientèle de la succursale et des opérations et aurez l'occasion de bâtir de manière stratégique une équipe capable de générer des résultats. Joignez-vous à BMO et faites partie d'une équipe au sein de laquelle votre opinion compte et qui vous aidera à bâtir une carrière des plus stimulantes, créée par vous.


Votre engagement passionné pour le service à la clientèle devra se traduire par :

une attitude positive combinée à des compétences assurant une gestion efficace des relations;
d’excellentes compétences en gestion, assistance professionnelle et leadership;
une bonne connaissance des relations avec les emprunteurs, les investisseurs et les partenaires, connaissance qui sera idéalement soutenue par une qualification de l’IFIC, de même que par une qualification à titre de RCS et en crédit (ou l’équivalent);
la capacité à assumer le succès et les résultats de l'ensemble des objectifs d'affaires;
la capacité à se concentrer sur la situation globale au moment de fournir des solutions aux membres de votre équipe et aux clients.

Des services bancaires distincts

Nous sommes la Banque de Montréal. Notre vision consiste à être la banque modèle en matière d’expérience client exceptionnelle. Après tout, l’argent, c’est personnel et une banque devrait l’être tout autant – nous sommes des personnes avant d’être des banquiers. Et nous nous soucions de nos employés, de nos clients et des gens dans nos collectivités. Alors, que vous soyez en début de carrière ou à la recherche d’un changement, BMO offre un éventail de possibilités pour vous aider à développer pleinement votre potentiel. Vous apprendrez rapidement à connaître notre organisation, vos idées seront entendues et votre potentiel sera toujours reconnu. Joignez-vous à nous, et vous ferez partie d’une véritable équipe en collaborant avec des personnes qui vous aideront à vous bâtir une carrière solide et palpitante à BMO.

Nos valeurs – ce que nous sommes : Nos quatre valeurs définissent qui nous sommes. Elles guident nos choix entre les solutions faciles et les solutions justes.

Intégrité : Faire ce qui est bien.
Diversité : Apprendre de nos différences.
Empathie : Penser d'abord aux autres.
Responsabilité : Bâtir un avenir meilleur.

BMO Groupe financier s’engage à offrir un milieu de travail inclusif, équitable et accessible. Nous encourageons la diversité et tirons notre force des gens et de leurs différents points de vue.

We’re here to help

At BMO we are driven by a shared Purpose: Boldly Grow the Good in business and life. It calls on us to create lasting, positive change for our customers, our communities and our people. By working together, innovating and pushing boundaries, we transform lives and businesses, and power economic growth around the world.

As a member of the BMO team you are valued, respected and heard, and you have more ways to grow and make an impact. We strive to help you make an impact from day one – for yourself and our customers. We’ll support you with the tools and resources you need to reach new milestones, as you help our customers reach theirs. From in-depth training and coaching, to manager support and network-building opportunities, we’ll help you gain valuable experience, and broaden your skillset.

To find out more visit us at .

BMO is committed to an inclusive, equitable and accessible workplace. By learning from each other’s differences, we gain strength through our people and our perspectives. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process. To request accommodation, please contact your recruiter.