Lead Tape Operator

Pomeroy - Montréal, QC (il y a 30+ jours)

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Position Location: Longueuil, CA-QC

General Function:
Perform basic Computer Operator duties per documented processes and procedures. These tasks include and are not limited to media operations mounting/demounting of media, performing system commands, assisting customers via phone and email, interacting with hardware included placing service request via phone/electronically and processing of intersite media movement and evidence retention.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Perform basic computer operator commands and report any issues to Shift Lead/Supervisor.
  • Minor to moderate problem determination.
  • Provide assistance to all operations personnel to ensure that the highest level of customer satisfaction is maintained.
  • Perform minor to moderate operator commands on systems.
  • Understand all mount/system messages.
  • Monitor scratch pools and outstanding tape mount messages.
  • Query system for outstanding mounts and/or print jobs and other latent information and provide interpretation and resolution as appropriate.
  • Recognize minor to moderate hardware malfunctions and be able to resolve most problems under direction/supervision of lead personnel.
  • Understand and utilize communication and work tools (phone, e-mail, turnover tools, fax, client training tools, other client specific work tools, etc.)
  • Initiate detailed search for misfiled media when required. Use appropriate work tools available to provide resolution.
  • Provide constructive input for shift turnover to management and teammates.
  • Remain current with all procedures and provide input as appropriate.
  • Understand and utilize tape library and/or print tools to assist with basic computer operator functions.
  • Perform Floor sweeps searching for media as needed which may include searching under/on top of equipment, under raised floor tiles etc.
2-3 years Data Center Operations experience required

Hiring in the following location(s):
Montreal, QC
Position Type
Reg. Full-time Benefitted