Case Report Analyst--Mitacs Intern

1QBit - Vancouver, BC (il y a 13 mois)

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1QBit is dedicated to solving the world’s most intractable challenges by recasting problems to harness the power of quantum computing. We identify demanding industry problems and apply breakthroughs in computation to machine intelligence and optimization science to build software that allows applications to continually benefit from advances in both quantum and classical hardware.

We believe that quantum technologies will form the next pillar of computational progress. We research, benchmark, and build software development kits, online platforms, and applications that make the power of quantum computers accessible to researchers, developers, and industry-leading organizations so they can solve their most difficult problems in fields such as optimization, simulation, and machine learning.

Your Role

You will work closely with the Health Care Team formulating solutions to some of the most challenging problems in health care. Your role will be vital in the team’s efforts to create intelligent algorithms capable of extracting relevant diagnoses, prognoses, and scheduling information from anonymized patient case reports. You will create and maintain labelled datasets that directly assist our teams that work on natural language processing and computer vision. Your knowledge and background in understanding clinical case reports will enhance the capabilities of our multidisciplinary teams and you will be exposed to some of the most exciting advances in algorithmic medicine available today.

What You'll Do

Analyze patient case reports in order to determine and classify the types of anomalies present and categorizing information where the need exists.
Provide recommendations for future abnormality categories, with reference to established ontologies.
Participate in strategy sessions with the Machine Learning Team on the product development roadmap.
Ensure patient privacy laws and regulations are followed when handling patient health information.
Work as a member of a fast-paced and innovative data science team, providing the data required to train state-of-the-art abnormality detection algorithms.

What You'll Bring

Members of our team bring a confluence of personality, skills, and intent that contribute to their individual development and our collective growth as an organization. The following criteria outline the complementary knowledge and mindset you’ll bring to our team:

A current medical school student with the required knowledge of case reports to extract and categorize relevant diagnosis data; or an individual with a background in health science with experience in the analysis of patient case reports
An undergraduate degree in engineering, computer science, mathematics, computational biology, or another related technical discipline
Experience with text annotation software platforms such as Prodigy
Experience with modern machine learning techniques such as deep learning for natural language processing and multi-label classification would be an asset
A demonstrated strong analytical and decision-making skills
Fluency in written and spoken English
Self-motivation and the ability to take initiative and follow through reliably
An eagerness to learn about new trends, tools, and technologies, and to continually consider how these will influence our projects, including the implications and opportunities that they will bring
Strong communication and collaboration skills with both technical and non-technical team members
Strong organizational skills, and the ability to manage tasks and meet deadlines

Not a must, but nice to have:
Development experience with XML and JSON, and more-general coding experience with Python or C++, or any modern programming language
A strong understanding of the inner workings of an imaging department, including: workflow for patients, staff, radiologists, creating case reports, and referring physicians from other departments and disciplines
Experience with enterprise business analytics software like Tableau or Business Objects
Demonstrated working knowledge of business processes and workflows of diagnostic imaging and health care delivery in a tertiary hospital environment
Experience in evaluating new technologies and equipment

Who You Are

You share our belief that principles, not policies, enable individuals and teams to apply their unique lens in making decisions. Like all 1QBit team members, you thrive in our flat hierarchy of empowered individuals. You embrace the rigorous examination of the thoughts and work of diverse minds from multiple disciplines because you know it uncovers deeper insights and produces robust results. You believe there is no failure in exploration because new breakthroughs often require a non-linear path before a conclusion is reached. You have a desire to apply yourself to purposeful work that is inspiring, meaningful, and fun, and to create value for the world by advancing the ability to solve complex problems. You have a relentless curiosity for exploring new methodologies and you have an intrinsic drive to architect the foundation of the quantum ecosystem because you love the challenges and understand the rewards that the next paradigm of computation will bring.

Our work is guided by a shared set of values that are focused on five fundamental principles:

Audacity – A drive to pioneer and apply new methods. To dream without limit and then do the hard work of bringing your ideas into reality.
Open Thinking – A belief in the sharing of ideas. To approach each exploration with a receptive mindset and collaborate openly to produce the best possible results.
Interdisciplinary Collaboration – A respect for the diversity of people, backgrounds, and skills. A wide range of perspectives reveals a more complete landscape and yields deeper insights.
Ownership – A feeling of pride in the work of the team and a deep sense of purpose and accomplishment from your contribution.
Beginner’s Mindset – A desire to improve as an expert while retaining the curiosity and openness that inspired you to begin.