Project Manager

BGL Contractors Corp - Waterloo, ON (il y a 19 mois)

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Reporting directly to the Senior Project Managers.

Meeting Responsibilities:
Schedule project start up meetings with Superintendent
Ensure minutes of start up meetings recorded/distributed
Schedule hand-over meeting with Estimating
Ensure minutes of hand-over meeting recorded/distributed
Prepare pre-construction meeting agenda
Attend pre-construction meeting with client. Invite appropriate parties ie Super, coordinators, Owner
If required under contract prepare minutes for client meetings.

Clerical Responsibilities:
Set up computer file for project
Make file listing for project and have support staff prepare and distribute to office cabinet and site.
Prepare forms and ledgers for project.
General correspondence with client, subs, suppliers and site

Schedule Responsibilities:
Preparation of construction schedule.
Monitoring/Updating of construction schedule
Develop Article C schedule for subcontracts
Ensure planning aids are prepared and distributed every Friday by noon

Progress Billing Responsibilities:
Prepare initial billing breakdown on Excel and gain breakdown approval from client.
Request monthly progress worksheet from support staff
Submission of progress applications
Follow up with client for payment approval / payment certificate
Prepare subtrade payment certificates upon receipt of billing approval amounts
Monitor and expedite receivable and payables to ensure timely processing for HST purposes. Before the end of the month following payment application period.

WSIB / MOL Responsibilities:
Submit MOL Registration of Employer form to client
Expedite MOL Registration of Employer forms from subs and suppliers that will be working on site
Request current WSIB Clearance Certificates from subs
Ensure site personnel are performing safety orientations, safety talks, site inspections and safety meetings as required. Review documentation, distribute and file as necessary.
Ensure all incidents are reported to safety officer and incident reports are completed. Review documentation, distribute and file as necessary.
In the event of an accident, ensure Safety Coordinator is aware immediately so WSIB form 7 can be completed and submitted within the deadline specified.

Costing Responsibilities:
Expedite cost budget breakdowns from Estimating
Update forecasted costs on all jobs in progress every two weeks
Identify any miscodes and have reassigned by accounting

Purchasing Responsibilities:
Review budgets before purchasing or renting
Check with shop or other sites that may have excess materials or equipment required
Check all PO’s for completeness. Ie description, codes, delivery, payment terms, etc
Review invoices and approve for posting

Contract Responsibilities:
Make application for Substantial Performance in accordance with contract and Lien Act.
Ensure Substantial Performance Certificate is published in Daily Commercial News immediately upon receipt from payment certifier where applicable.
Send contract release letters to all subcontractors for their acceptance prior to release of holdback monies

Subtrade Contract Responsibilities:
Administrate PO’s and subcontracts.
Ensure field personnel have all correspondence and documents pertaining to scope of work for sub / supplier