General Operator

Tulmar Safety Systems Inc. - Hawkesbury, ON (il y a 30+ jours)

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Under the guidance of the Production Supervisor, the General Operator is responsible for all general production related duties in support of the daily operations of Production. More specifically, the General Operator may be accountable for one or more of the following duties including: mark/lay material, mark/cut webbing, operate automatic tackers, operate RF welders, operate heat sealers, operate clicker presses, install endclips and/or grommets, eyeletting, assembly, attach fasteners, silkscreening, printing, stenciling, sanding, tarp or tent inspection and/or repairing.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Lays, cuts & marks various materials and/or webbing for attachment and assembly
  • Operates various manufacturing equipment including automatic tacking machine, RF welder, hot air sealer, RF sealer, clicker press, eyelet and grommet machine, etc.
  • Installs ball tips, endclips, grommets, eyelet snaps and studs, valves, buckles etc.
  • Stamps, prints, stencils and/or silkscreens various material and/or webbing as per work instructions
  • RF welds and/or RF seals fabric together in accordance with work instructions
  • Assembles and/or attaches fasteners, webbings and/or cords to materials
  • Rigs various life preservers as per work instructions
  • Inspects and repairs tarps and/or tents by performing gluing, sewing, cutting, marking and RF welding related duties
  • Sands parts and/or fabrics as required
  • Punches different materials using dies
  • Responsible for ensuring that products are processed per specifications
  • Performs housekeeping duties
  • All other duties as required

Essential Skills and Knowledge

  • Knowledge of measurement systems both metric and imperial
  • Strong English communication skills both oral and written
  • Ability to understand machine operating instructions
  • Ability to be precise and pay attention to detail
  • Ability to read, comprehend and follow shop packet, routing, cutting schedules, work instructions, PCS, MSDS and other manufacturing documentation
  • Ability to use steel rollers, applicators, brushes and small hand tools
  • Ability to prioritize and work in a fast paced environment
  • Capable of working in a team environment
  • Valid Police Records Check
  • Flexible and willing to accept new challenges, cross-train and provide back-up services in various areas as required

Physical Requirements/Work Conditions

  • The incumbent may be required to lift, carry, push or pull heavy objects up to a maximum of 50 lbs. He or she performs their duties in a seated or standing position and may be required to bend, kneel and stoop. He or she may be exposed to harmful chemicals and must have a strong tolerance to the odor of various adhesives, MEK and Toluene solvents

Training/Performance Standards

  • Knowledge and compliance of workplace health and safety standards
  • Knowledge of Tulmar QMS (Quality Management System) and ISO standards
  • Compliance with regulatory regimes under which the company operates
  • Committed to working with shared leadership and in cross-functional teams
  • Some training may be required during the implementation of a global manufacturing program, such as “lean manufacturing” and other legislated programs as required
  • On-the-job-training including Fabric Marking PCS-004, Eyeletting PCS-009, RF Welding PCS-010, Ball Tip PCS-011, Marking cord… PCS-013, End Clip Installation PCS-014, Standard Repair Scheme PCS-015, Standard Sanding Procedures PCS-017, Cold-Knife Cutting PCS-007, Hot-Knife Cutting PCS-008 etc…
  • Work instructions

Job Type: Full-time


  • Hawkesbury, ON (Preferred)