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The Town of Essex accepts applications for the position of Lifeguard/Instructor on a year

round basis. Reporting to the Assistant Manager, Aquatics, the Lifeguard/Instructor ensures

the safety of patrons of the aquatic facility by preventing and responding to emergencies.

If you would like to apply for a Lifeguard/Instructor position, please complete the Recreation

Services Application Form and submit to:
By email:

By mail or in person:
Essex Recreation Complex

242 Talbot Street North

Essex, Ontario, N8M 2E1

Fax: (519) 776-9528

We thank all applicants for their interest, however, only those candidates selected for an

interview will be contacted. Personal information is collected in accordance with the

Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O. 1990 and will only be

used to determine eligibility for employment.

The Town of Essex is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to inclusive, barrier-

free recruitment and selection processes and providing accommodations for people with

disabilities. If you require accommodation(s), please advise Human Resources in advance

and we will work with you to meet your needs. Accommodations are available in all parts of

the recruitment process.

Lifeguard/Instructor (August 2015)


Position Title: Lifeguard/Instructor

Department: Recreation Services

Division: Community Services

Immediate Supervisor: Assistant Manager, Aquatics

Indirect Supervisor: Manager, Recreation & Culture

Positions Supervised: None

Bargaining Unit: None

To provide a safe and enjoyable aquatic atmosphere to all users

Duties & Responsibilities:
These set out the principal functions of the position, and will not be considered as a detailed

description of all the work requirements.

1. To know, understand and be ready to perform your job

i. To familiarize yourself with and uphold department policies as they relate to

the aquatic program

ii. To follow all applicable federal and provincial legislation as it applies to the


iii. To become fully knowledgeable in the program offered at the facility and able

to accurately educate the public and respond to inquires

iv. To take an active part in the in-service training program set up by the


2. To maintain a pleasant and sanitary swim environment at all times

Lifeguard/Instructor (August 2015)

i. To assist with cleaning and other maintenance in and around the facility (pool,

building, lobby)

ii. To assist in the maintenance of the pool water as required

iii. To ensure all safety equipment is in place, and in good working order

iv. To perform maintenance checks on these items as required

3. To maintain a good personal public image at all times

i. To set a good personal example for the public to follow

ii. To wear only clean and neat uniforms

iii. To adopt a helpful and pleasant attitude when dealing with the public

iv. To be ready to start working at least fifteen minutes before your shift begins

4. To assist with all facets of the facility operation and perform any reasonable duty

required by supervisors

i. To complete all required reports (accident/incident, facility logs, statistics,

financial, etc.)

ii. To assist with the supervision and control in all areas of the facility

iii. To stay within calling distance when on a break and be prepared to assist

where needed

iv. To collect admission monies and ensure proper handling of all monies

collected as designated by management

v. To perform the duties of facility person as required

5. To prevent all preventable accidents

i. To keep full attention on the duty of lifeguarding the assigned area

ii. To be familiar with the danger areas in and around the facility

iii. To stop all unsafe activity; to familiarize the public with the pool rules and give

all offenders a brief explanation of the purpose of the rule

iv. To be easily identified by the public by wearing a lifeguard uniform at all times

(bathers must be able to discern who should be notified if they see an accident


Note: Uniforms are not to be worn after hours

v. To minimize as much as possible distractions caused by the public; to respond

to public inquires with short but courteous responses

Lifeguard/Instructor (August 2015)

vi. To be positioned at each guard station alone; lifeguards should not group


vii. To stay on duty until relieved by another qualified staff lifeguard

6. To be able to respond quickly and appropriately to all incidents, accidents, and


i. To be familiar with and able to carry out the emergency procedures of the


ii. To keep all aquatics, first aid and other qualifications current (through

recertification) for entire length of employment

iii. To stay physically fit and mentally alert throughout length of employment

iv. To review and practice rescue, resuscitation and first aid techniques on a

regular basis

v. To maintain and try to improve the level of knowledge, skill and fitness of your

most advanced qualifications

vi. To carry two buoyant aids when at roving station; to have all appropriate

additional equipment on the lifeguard stand at all times

vii. To assist with the maintenance of all lifesaving equipment; to check the

equipment in and around your lifeguard station on every bump

viii. To make visual checks of the pool bottom throughout your bump as well as at

the completion of each program (after lessons and rec swim) and during pool


7. To provide the highest quality aquatic lessons possible making safety, enjoyment,

pupil achievement and public relations a priority at all times

i. To plan each level and class carefully; to have by the second lesson a core plan

outlining all items to be taught; to have an individual lesson plan for each class

ii. To ensure that all items for each level are taught

iii. To ensure that the content of what is being taught is accurate

iv. To make maximum use of time and pool space available by working as a team

with other instructors

v. To ensure all pupils are supervised in and around the pool area at all times,

both as they arrive and leave, as well as during the lesson

Lifeguard/Instructor (August 2015)

vi. To have all equipment ready before beginning the class; to return all

equipment when through

vii. To educate and ensure that pupils observe all pool rules

viii. To take attendance daily, to record attendance correctly

ix. To complete all necessary steps and forms in the evaluation of classes

(progress cards, work and test sheets, badges, etc.)

x. To participate in parents day; to communicate the swimmer’s progress

throughout the session both to the swimmer and to the caregiver (if


Working Conditions:
  • Occasional exposure to the elements, hazardous conditions and materials
  • Occasional exposure to unpleasant or irate people
  • Interruptions because of inquiries, operating problems and issues, unavoidable
changes in priorities and plans

Special Skills:
  • Strong interpersonal skills, flexibility to deal with diverse individuals and confidence
to effectively address conflict situations

  • Self-motivated individual with strong organizational and time management skills
  • Ability to work cooperatively and effectively in a team environment as well as

Minimum Qualifications:
1. National Lifeguard Service

2. LSS Instructor/Swim Instructor

3. Standard First Aid/CPR ‘C’

4. Automatic External Defibrillator

5. High Five – Principles of Healthy Child Development

Lifeguard/Instructor (August 2015)