Manager Redevelopment

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The manager ensures that all hospital renovations and new construction projects are planned and executed according to best practices, evidence, the latest legislative standards and guidelines, and in a fiscally responsible manner. This includes development and implementation of the full scope of service including process improvement initiatives, procurement, efficient design, planning and construction, as well as operational readiness plans as required. Also, the manager ensures physical space utilization is appropriate by developing and implementing tactical and strategic master space plans. The manager ensures all signage and wayfinding is appropriate, current, meets CSA guidelines and provides a quality patient journey.

  • 3 year Community College diploma in Architecture Technology, required
  • Project Management Certificate is an asset
  • Undergraduate degree in a related field or equivalent experience
  • 7 years’ experience as a project, facilities or redevelopment manager
  • Knowledge of guidelines and principles of facility design and ability to interpret architectural, mechanical and electrical drawings and specifications is required
  • Knowledge of best practices for redevelopment and renovation and all legislative requirements for Construction in a Healthcare Facility is required
  • Experience formulating continuous quality improvement initiatives is required
  • Knowledge of Broader Public Guidelines and guidelines and best practices for construction procurement processes is required
  • Experience with creation of procurement documents (RFT, RFQ, RFP, RFSQ) is required
  • Experience with project estimate and budget development is required
  • Experience with cost control measures and ability to make sound and cost-effective decisions is required
  • Ability to analyze project and construction risk in a healthcare setting us required
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and manage multiple corporate initiatives tasks and projects concurrently is required
  • Ability to manage deadlines and aggressive timelines independently is required
  • Ability to develop strategic plans is required
  • Ability to manage change is required
  • Experience managing performance of contractors, consultants and project managers is required
  • Experience with project management of projects up to 100 Million dollars is required
  • Presentation and meeting facilitation skills are required
  • Demonstrated oral and written communication and negotiation skills to interact with multidisciplinary teams is required
  • Demonstrated strong analytical, conceptual and problem solving sills is required
  • Demonstrated commitment to our core values of quality, compassion,
  • Contributions to a Professional Society or authoring of published papers, or public speaking engagements related to Redevelopment is an asset.
  • Experience with Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Capital processes is an asset
  • Experience in a clinical hospital setting is an asset
  • Manages all construction procurement (RFQ, RFT, RFP) required to enlist Consultants and Contractors for hospital renovations and new construction from various funding sources (MOHLTC, SJHH Capital, Foundation)
  • Manages pre-qualification procurement processes to develop Vendor of Record lists for Consultants
  • Develops and monitors Contractor policies that ensure all external Consultants and Contractors abide by SJHH policies and all external legislative requirements (Ministry of Labor, WSIB, Insurance requirements, Canadian Construction Documents Committee, Ontario Building Code)
  • Monitors all redevelopment and building services projects to ensure they are completed safely (to guarantee the safety of the SJHH patients, staff, volunteers, physicians, community and contractors,) and on time and on budget
  • Develops annual project plan by prioritizing projects, determining length of time required to assess need (e.g. LEAN process maps,) secure funding, procure consultants, project design, procure contractors, develop communication plans, develop phasing and contingency plans, oversee construction, resolve deficiencies, and prepare clinical staff for operational readiness and training if required
  • Advises SJHH hospital Managers on department design that complies with best practice standards, new technology, newly available products (furniture and equipment) that will improve efficiencies, quality of work life and patient experience via the Redevelopment Request process
  • Provides Managers and Directors with renovation and construction estimates for pursuit of Capital or Foundation funding requests
  • Collaborates with St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation and SJHH Capital and Master Planning Committees to develop annual project approval, schedules and implementation plans
  • Coaches and influences project managers and facilitators in job prioritization and coordination of projects to maintain project schedules and budgets
  • Identifies project risks and formulates short and long term resource and implementation strategies to mitigate risk related to project budget, timelines and long term maintenance of new construction
  • Collaborates with the manager of Building Services to plan and coordinate Redevelopment and Building Services project schedules and objectives and to guarantee that new construction supports the Building Services requirements regarding sustainability and long term maintenance objectives
  • Provides project management support to Building Services for Health Infrastructure Renewal Funding (HIRF) funded projects and complex repair projects that require coordination and communication with clinical teams
  • Oversees the development and maintenance (updates) of the SJHH construction specifications policy
  • Conducts regular facility (site and equipment) inspections to evaluate condition and develop action plan to address deficiencies
  • Assists Building Services manager to respond to emergency situations related to infrastructure (e.g. floods) and strategizes and collaborates with affected team members to resolve the emergency while continuing to maintain normal hospital operations. Subsequent emergency repairs may be facilitated by the manager to return facility assets to reliable working order
  • Addresses all staff and patient concerns regarding the physical environment, compliance with legislated guidelines (e.g. AODA,) and best practice guidelines (e.g. elder friendly design)
  • Completes all MOHLTC monitoring and accountability documentation required for all MOHLTC funded projects
  • Assists with development of Ministry of Health and Long Term Care applications for funding for hospital renovations
  • Creates and implements all tactical space plans to make best use of this facility resource
  • Manages all hospital space drawings and keeps up to date regarding current occupancy and available space
  • Manages all space requests and changes in utilization of space to ensure most efficient use of space resources
  • Manages all occupant relocations and updating of records associated with relocations and space utilization
  • Develops, manages, monitors and adjusts if required, all project budgets to guarantee the original budget estimate is met
  • Leader, Signage and Wayfinding Committee and Subcommittee. Conducts audits and develops plans for signage that meets new CSA guidelines, Elder Friendly Environment best practice standards and improves the patient experience Ensures all signage is up to date and reviews all requests for signage then provides expert recommendations and implements installation within budget assigned for signage purposes
  • Hires, promotes, disciplines and terminates Redevelopment team. Models behaviour required to promotes a productive, efficient, respectful team environment
  • Develops, implements and communicates performance measures, conducts regular performance appraisal of direct reports (4 full time staff and all staff contracted for specific projects)
  • Manages performance of external contractors and Consultants to ensure compliance with SJHH strategic and contractual expectations via constant monitoring of performance, regular communication and collaboration
  • Creates and revises all Redevelopment Department policies
  • Completes all insurance claim documents for facility incidents
  • Utilizes LEAN/Six Sigma methodology to assess current Redevelopment processes and identify opportunities for realizing future state efficacies and standardization, then implements these measures to improve quality outcomes and meet department goals
  • Conducts Failure Modes Analysis for impact of construction or relocation activities on hospital operations as required
  • Facilitates Root Cause Analysis investigations to establish root cause for issues and develop new processes and policies to mitigate future risk
  • Regular review and update of Redevelopment and Procurement process maps as legislation changes and project lessons learned requires adjustment
  • Reviews all post construction evaluation surveys with project managers and implements changes in Redevelopment process as required based on feed back
  • Formulates targets and performance indicators, that meet or exceed expectations of SJHH clients, and monitor and report monthly on these indicators
  • Participates on corporate committees (e.g. AODA/Accessibility) or others, as required, to provide information and guidance regarding Redevelopment activities
  • Supports Chief Planning Officer and Director, Facilities, Planning and Redevelopment to implement corporate goals and objectives
  • Ensures SJHH compliance with Broader Public Sector guidelines with respect to goods and services procured by Redevelopment
  • Maintains up to date knowledge of multiple legislative guidelines required in order to manage and educate staff and contractors to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, policies, and codes
Monday to Friday, days