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Avantis Packaging Inc. - Pointe-Claire, QC (il y a 30+ jours)

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Avantis Packaging Inc. is a manufacture of extrusion blow molded containers. We use fully automated machines which produce finished products that generally require no additional work. Bottles are visually inspected and then placed in many packaging configurations including boxes, trays or bags. The principal role of the Inspector Packer is to ensure that the containers being produced by our machines are free of visual defects and packaged according to the posted packaging descriptions.

We have posts to fill for our night shift 11pm to 7am .
Guiding Principles:
The following are the guiding principles of our manufacturing operations and are expected to be respected by all personnel working on the manufacturing floor:

1) Safety

2) Cleanliness

3) Quality

4) Teamwork

5) Productivity


As a Packer/Inspector, you report to the shift supervisor. The shift supervisor oversees all operations of the shift. Including:

1) Assigning personnel to machines

2) Providing specific instructions related to product quality and packaging

3) Determining break schedules

4) Assigning other task as required including repack, cleaning of manufacturing area, cleaning of common areas, wrapping pallets etc.

The Shift Supervisor is ultimately responsible for the smooth operation of the production shift. The floor assistant’s responsibility, among others, is to assist the supervisor by ensuring that specific instructions determined above are being followed correctly.

Roles and responsibilities:

1) Ensure that you are familiar with and respect all of the plant safety rules as provided to you, as well as posted in the cafeteria.

2) Maintain your working area clean at all times.

3) Monitoring the production machine for any alarms or jam ups on the production line and immediately notifying the Floor Assistant or Supervisor

4) Inspecting products as they come off the production line for any defects and reporting such defects to the floor assistant or supervisor and taking corrective action as instructed.

5) Packing the containers as per the instructions posted at each individual station.

6) Performing any other duties as instructed by the shift supervisor including:

a. Providing breaks to other employees

b. Assisting with wrapping or moving pallets

c. Cleaning any area of the production floor as requested including sweeping or mopping. (Note: for safety reasons, you are not required to clean the surfaces of any production equipment)

d. Cleaning any common areas including the cafeteria or the washrooms

e. Cleaning and arranging the rear of plant

f. Emptying plastic scrap bins into gaylords

g. Emptying trash bins into container at rear of the facility

h. Placing scrap corrugated in the recycling container at the rear of the plant.

We have posts to fill for our night shift 11pm to 7am .

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Permanent

Salary: $14.00 /hour


  • Manufacturing: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Night shift: 1 year (Preferred)